Delivery & Returns Policy

When you buy from [] we want you to be happy with your purchases. However, we know occasionally the need to return a product may arise.

  1. Discretionary Returns Policy

SAMACO will consider refunding or exchanging products that you return within seven (7) days of the date of purchase. Refunds and exchanges are offered at the discretion of SAMACO, under the following terms and conditions:

  • You must produce the original invoice when claiming a refund or exchange.

  • The original box and packaging should be returned and undamaged and in resalable condition.

  • The item serial number must clearly be visible and must not have been tampered with.

  • The item must NOT have been fitted to a vehicle, been used or damaged.

  • If you are unable to travel to our warehouse or retail outlet, we can arrange pick-up for the items to be collected. However, a collection fee may apply.

  1. Defective Goods Returns Policy

SAMACO may, at our option, choose to either replace or issue a credit of equivalent value of any product that is determined by us to be defective. The determination will be performed by an authorized Company Warranty Representative.

The cost of returning the defective item will be covered by you and refunded by us upon inspection and satisfactory determination of defect.

3.         Refunds

All refunds from SAMACO to the Buyer shall be subject to the below conditions:

  1. Refunds will only be issued through the original mode of payment.

  2. The Buyer must request refund of their payment within thirty (30) days of purchase.

  3. A refund will only be issued if the original receipt voucher is available.

  4. The processing time for a refund is fourteen (14) working days.

3.         Warranty

3.1.      The liability of SAMACO is as provided for in statutory warranty regulations and in any other warranties which may have been granted.

3.2.      The Buyer acknowledges that the warranty covers manufacturing defects when recognized by the manufacturer only. The warranty does not include defects resulting from the Buyer’s misuse of merchandise or subsequent repairs by a workshop operated by a party other than the manufacturer. Failure to abide by the terms and conditions of the warranty will result in the cancellation of the warranty, in which case the Buyer shall not have the right to ask for a replacement merchandise or reclaim the purchase price.

3.3.      The Buyer acknowledges and agrees that he has no right to claim from SAMACO for any defect in the merchandise discovered after delivery of the merchandise to the Buyer that is not covered by the warranty terms and conditions and extended warranty terms and conditions (if any) applicable on the merchandise.

4.         Delivery

4.1.      SAMACO shall make no delivery until payment has been received or shall make delivery concurrently against payment. The delivery time is normally approximately three (3) working days (for shipping within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) from receipt of payment, up to, but not exceeding thirty (30) working days after the duly release of the payment.

4.2.      The parts and accessories shall be shipped to an address designated by the Buyer subject to the following terms:

  1. SAMACO may, at its discretion, refuse to ship parts and accessories and insist the parts and accessories be delivered to the Buyer at a SAMACO facility.

  2. Risk of loss and title for the parts and accessories passes to the Buyer upon delivery of the parts and accessories to the postal carrier service provider. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to file any claims with the carrier for damaged and/or lost shipments.

4.3.      The Buyer shall be responsible for bearing the shipping cost and all VAT, export taxes and other fees associated with delivery of the parts and accessories.

4.4.      Any dates quoted for delivery to the buyer are approximate only and not binding upon SAMACO. Time for delivery shall not be of the essence due to some circumstances beyond SAMACO’s control including, without limitation, production, shipment or transportation.

4.5.      Upon collection of the parts and accessories by the postal carrier service provider, SAMACO shall be released from all liability towards the Buyer in relation to the parts and accessories, and all responsibilities and risks associated after date and time of physical delivery will be the responsibility of the Buyer, except to the extent of any warranty purchased from SAMACO applicable on the parts and accessories, in accordance with the terms and conditions of such warranty.

4.7.      The Buyer commits to use the parts and accessories in accordance with applicable law. From the time of delivery, the Buyer is solely responsible for any use of the parts and accessories which results in a violation of any applicable law.

4.8.      Should SAMACO become aware of any circumstance that would render the sale of the parts and accessories to the Buyer in violation of any applicable law, including but not limited to the terms and conditions of the manufacturer, at any time during the period commencing on SAMACO’s receipt of the payment and prior to completion of the sale process, SAMACO shall be entitled to terminate the sale process and any related contract(s) and reimburse to the Buyer any payments made to SAMACO by the Buyer for the parts and accessories, less any costs incurred by SAMACO.

4.9.      The Buyer hereby agrees to unconditionally and irrevocably release and forever discharge SAMACO from any and all claims, charges, complaints, actions, causes of action, defenses, demands, suits, representations, covenants or otherwise, relating to any matter, claim or right, which the Buyer has or may have against SAMACO arising out of or in connection with the cancellation of the sale process in this regard.

5.         Force Majeure

SAMACO shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform any of its obligations if the delay or failure results from events or circumstances outside its reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of God, strikes, lock outs, accidents, war, fire, breakdown of plant or machinery or shortage or unavailability of raw materials from a natural source of supply, and SAMACO shall be entitled to a reasonable extension of its obligations. If the delay persists for such time as SAMACO considers unreasonable, it may, without liability on its part, terminate the sale contract.

6.         Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

SAMACO is domiciled in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the return and delivery policy shall be governed according to the consumer protection laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

7.         Contact Us 

Communications to SAMACO may be directed to:

Physical Office Address: Madinah Road, Al Faisaliah, P. O. Box 11931, Jeddah 21463

Phone: 8001180099