VW CarStick - Wi-Fi expansion for Discover Media

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Wi-Fi in your Vehicle The CarStick works as a hotspot, giving you unlimited internet access inside your Volkswagen. It works with the Discover Media radio navigation system to establish an internet connection from inside the vehicle.
As it has space for a SIM card (not included), the CarStick allows you to use the Wi-Fi hotspot and mobile online services without having to connect it to your smartphone (tethering). So people whose smartphones do not have this function can still access the Internet without any problems.
Depending on your mobile phone tariff, additional costs (e.g. roaming fees) may be incurred by receiving data packages from the internet, especially when abroad. Volkswagen Accessories recommends agreeing a flat-rate data plan with the relevant mobile phone provider. Further information on using mobile devices and CarNet can be found in the Volkswagen vehicle handbook.

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